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For the respect of the breeder with an affix, from 2020 it is no longer possible to add your kennel name to a dog’s name that already has a kennel name. However, if the dog has no affix at all, you can add your kennel name as suffix oft he dog’s name (@)  = at. For example, if the dog’s name is only Coco and your kennel name is Bullyfactory: «Coco @ Bullyfactory»

On our new temporary puppy certificates, the breeder can choose whether the new owner of the puppy can change his «call name» or whether he has to keep his breeder’s name. However, the new owner can still add his call name (aka) if the name is not too long, not more than 30 letters. The call name must also be reported to the chip registration company. 

Since we are represented at international level, the front of our pedigree is always English, but the back (Verso) with the general information in the national language of the country of the puppy owner: French, German, Italian, Spanish, English (English also applies to unavailable languages).


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