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Online Confirmation 



We have developed this system to allow any breeder to have ALL their dogs confirmed regardless of their geographical position while having highly qualified judges at their disposal.

Online confirmation makes it possible to confirm your dog with a quality mention. 6 quality mentions are possible: EX+, EX, G+, G, F+, F. More information about our scoring system on the SHOWS, page sub-menu "Score system".

The judge confirm the dog a wide PC screen for an optimal view and assesses the dog on the basis of:

1. The Breeding Ability Test (BAT) form, completed by a veterinarian. This examination              allows to :

• Exclude any dog with demonstrated obvious behavioural disorders from breeding, as the dog must, among other evaluations, be examined for dentition.

If the dog has been aggressive or excessively shy, the dog is not admitted. An evaluation by a certified behaviourist will be required. If, despite education courses, the behaviour could not be corrected, the dog will not be admitted to breeding since there are proven genetic components for certain traits. 

• Identify any respiratory disorders and any other physiological defects listed on our form (BAT).

• confirm the various parameters not visible on a video.


2. Photo Identity Confirmation Form (FIC), dated and countersigned by the veterinarian.

3. The Confirmation Video

4. Pedigree (if your dog is foundational, the judge will guide you on the direction to take to achieve your goal)


5. The faults that the dog has. 

COSMETIC FAULTS (pigment, scars, minor faults 

STRUCTURAL FAULTS (skeleton & muscle)



Just to mention a few. 

Online confirmation is the most efficient breeding tool, because not only does the owner receive a confirmation sheet with a mention, the judge comments in great detail on the faults to be corrected in breedings in the observations section.

In addition, the confirmation video will remain online permanently on Youtube which allows any puppy buyer to get a very precise idea of the parents or for a breeder to better choose a stud for his female. 

On a photo, unfortunately, flaws can be easily hidden or photoshopped, not on a video. The video can be listed in public, private or not listed and shown only to those concerned.


Some breeders will certainly remember the time when they moved away km/miles and once arrived there, disappointed they found that the dog was not in real what it appeared on the pictures. 


Online confirmation has obvious advantages :

1. You can evaluate the quality of ALL your dogs whatever your geographical position and                therefore make the best matings improving the breed

2. You do not need to travel, thus saving this expense as well as the ticket of the show

3.  The dog is not under stress due to the trip or crowd of a show

4.  The dog is safe from infectious contamination such as kennel cough or other

5.  The confirmation video stays online permanently on Youtube which is a fantastic                  breeding  tool


6.  you'll have a veterinary certificate of breeding ability to show if requested 

7. You will receive a judgment sheet with a score and detailed observations of the faults to       be corrected.

8. With our system, the true quality of a dog is measured according to the standard, not           compared to other dogs in the ring that sometimes are of mediocre quality.


Judges with low qualifications or with inefficient scoring systems often systematically place 1-2-3 even if it's not always the right choice. 

As a puppy buyer or a breeder looking for a stud, always ask to see:


The pedigree with the inscribed health tests 
the video of confirmation
the veterinarian breeding ability test form (BAT)

This way, you can be sure that you have chosen well and avoid having surprises.

The judge on his side, can also focus on a dog better than if he had 10-15 dogs in the ring, or even better than if he were in front of 2-3 mediocre dogs in the ring with a faulty scoring system or by «politeness" place the best of the worst 1st as is done unfortunately more and more making the owner of a winner believe that he has a future champion while he has a poor conformation dog. Such shows and clubs ruin in fact breeds. 


Therefore nowadays for example English Bulldogs with button ears, level back placed 1st or even "Champion" by some registries. Even though the rose ears are on the English Bulldog what the erect "bat ears" are to the French Bulldog, one of the breed's trademark features.

The judge can also review the video if necessary, can refer the medical examination report and can check the latest update of the standard in case of doubt and all this without the fatigue of a trip.

Confirming a dog has a certain price which is nevertheless moderate in relation to the quality brought to the breed. The costs of testing & confirming are passed on to the price of the puppies, which ultimately only makes a moderate increase per puppy.

Quality is not expensive; It's priceless



Please download the following documents:


1. The confirmation protocol, print out 

2. The Breeding Ability Test form (BAT) to be completed by you & by your veterinarian

3. The photo identity confirmation form (FIC) to be completed by you & signed and                    stamped by your veterinarian

4. Buy a microchip scanner, you can find some for about 30.- Euros on Ebay. 


Inform your veterinarian of this breeding ability health test to be performed by him, so that he or she can schedule the necessary time.

You can for example do this exam, along with hip, elbow x-rays and have the knees examined for patellar luxation (PL) or in the same time you make your vaccines boosters. 


If you do some health tests in the same time, please download on the SERVICE page, sub-menu "HD-ED Scores" our X-RAY PROTOCOL and our X-RAY FORM to be completed by your veterinarian. 


You can also request at the same time a DNA profiling or take the opportunity to do other blood tests (See recommended health tests of your breed standard)

We only accept DNA profiling when the sample was taken by a veterinarian.


30.- Euros confirmation price

60.- Euros price of a revaluation (in case of disqualification)

A committee of judges composed of 3 judges will examine the case. 

1. If after this reassessment your dog is admitted, we will refund the 60.- Euros

2. If the dog is definitely disqualified, the total amount is due.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have.


Video confirmation protocol, Vet breeding ability exam form, Vet Photo identification form:

Check out this boy below. Do you see what we see? Wow nice, right?

Take the time to view his confirmation video. Do you see what we see?

Only a video can show the flaws that nobody can see on pictures. 


Online video confirmation is a powerful breeding tool and allows you to make the best matches to improve your breed!

This is just a test video. The official demonstration video will be posted soon and the very first dogs confirmed online. 

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