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We do not have an official partner for DNA profiling and do not receive any commission as some organizations do.


Free choice is very important to us.


Please consult the list under SERVICES, submenu "list of laboratories" to find a laboratory at your convenience.


DNA-Profiling is a simple way to map out your dog's family tree and it's the only way to prove his identity in case of lost or theft, it can also prove the breed of a confirmed dog in countries with BSL and is mandatory for look-alike breeds. 


The DNA test is performed by collecting buccal (cheek) cells found on the inside of the cheek using a buccal or cheek swab. These swabs have wooden or plastic stick handles with a cotton or synthetic tip.


Over the past few years, they've become quite affordable.

Please check our Laboratories List under SERVICE to find the right company in your country. 

If you have already found, let us know the country and send us the link and we'll ad it to our list. 

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