If you are interested in French Bulldog history, the first thing you should know is they originate from England, not France! “Frenchies” were first bred in Nottingham in 1800s by lace makers who wanted to create a small, miniature version of English Bulldog also called a “toy” bulldog.

In the 1860s when craftsmen moved to France, they brought their dogs along with them. They became popular there and were given the name French bulldogs. However, certain experts claim that these dogs were crossbred with Pug and Terrier and that is how we got to today’s French Bulldog. Even when the breed was brought back to England for dog shows the name French Bulldog remained.

Our judges and breeders apply the latest updated international standard.

Standard summary:

The French Bulldog is a small brachycephalic molossoid with rounded medium size erect ears

Size female 24-32 cm, weight 8-13 kg

Size male27-35, weight 9-14 kg

We also register and promote the such called "exotic colors" in the French Bulldog but on the pedigree, it will be metioned beside the color "not standard".  That means,  the dog is not considered pure bred even if genetically he is, it is specified on the back of our pedigrees.

Buyers of such wonderful colored Frenchies are perfectly aware of this including the large Exotic Frenchie community. 

These exclusive dogs, can be shown and also be confirmed as French Bulldog Exotic. 

the breeder has the obligation to mention in the contract of sale that it is a dog of type French Bulldog if the dog doesn't match the official standard in colour.

The colour black and black & tan is naturally present in the FB from the old times, to obtain the colour blue, chocolate and lsabella (lilac) only a selection has been operated.  From the moment you have black in a breed, the dilutes colours blue and chocolate will naturally occur, also the combination of these 2 colours wich is Isabella (Lilac).

To introduce the colour merle some, now far, outrosses have been made, but the dogs are now perfeclty conform to the standard in structure. 

Because we see often rare colored FBs in the USA, some breeders in Europe believe these rare colours are part of the AKC standard, but they are not. The color is often intentionally faked on the pedigree wich has no picture. 

Our main goal is to promote the FB also in his "exotic version" in very correct structure and health, no exterm type nor messed conformation will be accepted like we sadly see in some  alternative clubs. 

ORIGIN: France

UTILIZATION: Companion  & toy dog 





Dorsal spine




DISQUALIFYING FAULTS: all mentioned in the official standard and 


more than 6 hemivertebrae, or 1 between the thoracic and lumbar (HV: T13-L1). HD: D-E, ED: DC3, PL: III & IV


X-Rays hips 

NCL -Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

ICHT - Ichtyosis

Heart echography 

DNA Profiling



X-Rays Elbows (ED)

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